Visitor day at Epping

Sunday 24th September The visitors day has now been postponed, further information will be placed on this website as soon as possible. We are opening our doors for you to come and see the progress in the restoration of Locomotive L11 and Epping Signal Cabin over the last three years.   Guided tours of the site will run from 10:00… Read more →

L11 model orders

Thank you to everyone who ordered a model of L11 over the last three months. The ordering window has now closed, and the response has been overwhelming.  75% of orders were for motorised models, and the colour choice was 50/50 between LT Engineers Yellow and LT Maroon. The process has now started to produce the models, and soon L11 will… Read more →

Work continues on L11

New Cab floor A end sections have been welded in place along with a bracket that holds the Cab to the floor. The widow has been removed as it was no longer watertight, the frame will be cleaned to ensure a tight fit. The Drivers side will also be removed and replaced as it has a crack in it. ‘M’… Read more →

August 2016 update

There’s never a dull moment at the Locomotive L11 & Epping Signal Cabin site, always something going on during the week and at weekends, this past quarter has been exceptionally busy. We’ve seen the 20th anniversary of the closure (28 July 1996 – 2016) come and go, no big party to celebrate our progress, that will come at a later date but… Read more →

June 2016 update

Progress on the Lever Frame is coming along at a steady pace but a couple more volunteers in this field of knowledge would be very helpful, so, how about coming along and putting your time earned skills to good use? As the Frame requires 47 levers, these have been selected, stripped down, sand blasted, polished and repainted as have the… Read more →

News update 11/04/16

On Friday 8th April a meeting was held at Epping Signal Cabin between LU and CHT/Epping, in attendance were 7 from LU and 5 from CHT/Epping, the meeting was at the request of LU. I can’t reveal too much as we are in the process of detailing and agreeing a whole range of issues highlighted from both sides but what… Read more →

Moving steadily forwards

The Lever Frame components have now been lifted up into the Control and are being stripped, cleaned and installed, all this over 2 weekends (see pictures). There is now a functional toilet upstairs, the room walls were treated as they were in a sorry state with cracks and flaking paint. A new cistern has been installed after the original was… Read more →