How you can help


We have people at Epping most weekends, and often during the week too. You don’t need any particular skills, as there are jobs for everyone. There is no minimum commitment so if you want to come down please contact us.


Any donations are welcome, financial or material. Please contact us if you wish to donate. Below are a list of items we need for the project but you could also buy something from the shop to help us financially with the project.

Wanted items

If you have or know where the items below can be obtained from or you own such items and would be willing to have them displayed please contact us.

  • Wood Draining Board for sink
  • Well glass globe and light fittings (external)
  • Signals.
  • Rail Gap Indicator
  • Rail Gap Indicator Repeater
  • Section Switch Boxes
  • Trainstop/tripcock
  • Flooring – grooved – for L11
  • Any cab interior equipment, 59/62TS preferred but anything welcome.
  • Screens/TVs, for interactive displays.
  • Lamps (Oil or Battery)
  • Signs (various)

Do you have anything that is London Transport related stored in your loft, garage or shed that needs a good safe home? If so, please contact us.